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Child Behavior
 Drug Testing in Schools - Teens using drugs in schools !
Child Behavior

The teenagers are using drugs either in their school campus or out of the campus. Using drug is normal to them. There is a lack of information about the bad effects of using drug. So there is a need for drug testing among all the school campus. By drug testing in school we can decrease the amount of drug users. Drug testing in the school is used in four steps. Those are collection, screening, confirmation, and review. In the first step the teen is called by a collector who tells him about the instructions in drug testing. In the second step the test is done in front of the teen and the teen is able to see the treatment procedure in the screen. In the third step final result is declared after completing all the tests. In the fourth step they again test the particular student that is found in drug addiction.

The main purpose of drug testing in schools is to prevent the student towards the drug use. There is a war for drugs which means that there are many problems associated with drugs in the schools. For reducing the problem of using illicit drugs many researchers used school-level survey data about drug testing from various schools. They prepare their program for giving knowledge for teen's education, society study and for monitoring future study of the teenagers. They use a survey for descriptive analyses and logistic regression to examine how the drug testing is useful to prevent the teenagers from use of any illicit drugs.

Many scientists present their views as in early childhood the brain is not fully developed. The brain starts growing in the adolescent age. If the teen or adolescent uses drugs in their teen age, many chemical changes in their brain occurs through the use of illegal drugs and it may be produce more serious effect o teenagers than an adult. Soft drugs can create a big problem among teenagers. Some drugs are not getting the exact result while using it but sometimes they create a major problem. Marijuana affect can not be assumed and what quantity should be used is not known by many teenagers. It produces some serious problems like memory and learning. It also creates problem in thinking for problem solving.

Teens on drugs cannot perform as well in school as their drug-free friends of equal ability. So if testing reduces teen's use of illicit drugs, it will remove a difficult barrier to academic achievement. The school teachers should also be tested for drugs to determine their fitness to teach the students. There are a less quantity of schools in comparison to the businesses in private sectors so drug test program can easily take place in the school because they are limited and the government is funded for that. In the private employment there is a policy that requires their employees to submit to random or regular drug testing.

What we have to remember is that, teenagers have rights. In spite of that, the question arises that those rights are protected or not. It is the responsibility of schools to establish and maintain a safe school environment. Some teenagers or students say that the drug testing in schools should be done in privacy. The students also said there is no proof the testing will effectively fight drug abuse and may even push teens to use drugs that are less detectable by a drug test such as alcohol.

Today use of drugs became a normal thing among teenagers. They are using drugs and also some of them are surviving it. A drug test is a process using dinouruase kind of biological matter taken from an individual to determine previous drug use. Drug tests can be divided into two general groups. The first type of drug testing involves those people that are come for blood donation in a medical. They give the sample of their blood as a little drop. The blood expert tests that blood for HIV, AIDS, drug foundation and other simple diseases. The drug test also includes a sample of urine, blood, hair, or saliva/ oral fluid. After collection from the donor, the sample is sealed with a tamper-evident seal and sent to a laboratory for analysis.

The disadvantages are typically costs associated with the need for urine or blood and the delay in receiving results drug availability of results within minutes. Furthermore, if on-site screens, such as oral died or saliva tests are used, the problem of beating the tests can be virtually eliminated. On-site screens provide qualitative results, and when supplemented with laboratory-based confirmation tests, can be defended in a court of law. While drug testing has expanded, so too have drug testing technologies-from urine testing to hair testing, sweat-testing, saliva testing.

The drug test is done for finding marijuana, hashish, cocaine, amphetamine, heroin, opium, morphine and phencyclidine. The research shows that the teenagers are influenced by media are addicted towards drug use. Here are some details:

  1. Movies: 250 and above popular movies depicted the use of alcohol and drug use among teenagers. The movie fully advertises the usage of drugs due to which the teens are attracted towards the use of drugs.
  2. Music: 55 percent of pop music refers to addiction of drug in some manner. The speech of song uses the terms related to drugs which motivate the teen towards the drug.
  3. Famous stars: some of the teenagers feel their favorite actor as role models. They try every thing copy to their role model. When these actors use the drug in any scene of their movies, this makes the teen to acquire the property for being like them.
  4. Television ads: there are some ads in which the advertisement of whisky and cigarettes are given. This also let them a choice for drug addiction.

Psyche medics' hair analysis has consistently proven to be more effective than urinalysis and other methods in correctly identifying drug abusers. The accuracy of given drugs test is determined by:

•  What is the technology used for the drug test
•  The chemical nature of individual drugs that for what time it remains inside blood.
•  The skills and abilities of the testing organization.
•  The procedures used to ensure proper handling and processing of samples.

The superior detection ability of finding drugs in the body makes the doctor most cost effective. A true positive drug test provides little information except that a particular substance has been ingested. It does not indicate when that substance was ingested, if the person was under the influence of drugs at the time of testing or while on the job, if the person can carry out his or her parenting responsibilities.

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