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The educational community struggles with students that have no desire to attend school. There are as many reasons a child will lose their desire to attend school as there are disaffected students.

As with traditional boarding school programs, students are expected to adhere to school rules and policies, and to make a personal commitment to contribute positively to campus life. Boarding schools can help a troubled teen who has self-defeating behaviors. The intensive programs of the boarding schools can quickly narrow down the issues your child is experiencing to help him or her on a positive life path.

Troubled teens boarding schools are for kids with drug and alcohol use, or any type of behavior problems. They can also help the teen with emotional problems. A boarding school for troubled teen, tries to provide them with help academically, while putting them in a safe environment.

Troubled teens students receive continuous support through experiential learning exercises which help develop a more positive sense of self, and improve decision making, problem solving, and interpersonal skills. They offer activities to keep teens busy while teaching them how to live a better life.

Boarding school students spend about 17 hours per week on homework, compared to approximately 9 hours by private day students and 8 hours by public school students.  75% of boarding school students report being surrounded by motivated peers, compared to 71% of private day and 49% of public school students. 

Since children are receiving individual attention from highly trained specialists, in those areas in which they are suffering, they are more likely to be able to overcome the problem, whereas in a regular public school, it may not be possible for these children to receive the attention that they need, and so they will continue to suffer.

These facilities strive on making sure your child believes that he or she has worth and is important.  When this thought is established, it can open an entire world up of possibilities to your child, who had previously shut down. Although at first, strong discipline may be required to force your child to act properly, once he/she stops fighting back against the authorities, there will be submission and a desire for change.  

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