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Child Behavior

If your teen has recently been expelled from school or is constantly running away, maybe it's time for you to look into sending him or her to a boot camp. Boot Camps are effective in turning around the lives of those youth that have disobeyed their parents and the law to the point that it seems that they can no longer be controlled. Most parents usually begin looking for teen boot camps because of the rigid structure associated with military style boot camps. 

If you choose to send your teen to a camp, expect that they will be in a very strict, highly structured and disciplined setting. This isn't church camp! And it's not cheap. Prices for one month at a boot camp start at $2,000 and go up from there. But the cost can well be worth it if you have a teen that is defiant and out of control.

Boot camps are physically and mentally challenging programs, that requires constant supervision. Boot Camps are often short-term; however, long-term boot camps have increased in popularity for their ability to help defiant adolescents improve their behavior at home and school. They are modeled after military-style, military exercises, and intense physical training focusing on reality, respect and responsibility. Many teens lack these qualities, yet they desperately need them in order to successfully transition into adulthood.

Boot camps will help strip away old attitudes and change to new attitudes. Boot camps work on a reward/punishment basis. Were good decisions will be rewarded, with privileges and trust. Bad decisions will be quickly consequented and redirected to making better choices.

With a new environment change teens get away from old friends, attitudes, habits and behaviors. With the new environment they are able to start developing new choices, attitudes and behaviors. Teens learn that smart choices lead to good rewards. So these types of programs of boot camps have a positive reinforcement for teens to see trends that help them ultimately succeed in life.

    Child Behavior

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