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  Addiction Counselling - Help for Troubled Teens !
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Addiction counseling is the services by some community of people by including the teenagers for providing counseling services and resources for those with substance abuse problems. The program gets the right to the students to work as counselors with people who have alcohol, substance abuse, or gambling addictions.

During the program the students learn a lot of methods to assess problems and set up treatment plans. They learn methods for early intervention and prevention. The mission of these programs is to provide quality holistic education for those who intend to practice in the field of substance abuse counseling.

Teens seek to prepare them for professional practice.  

They also prepare them for ongoing education and training in graduate schools with an addiction counseling or human services emphasis. They also strive to prepare them for leadership positions in their individual community and in the profession. There are about 200 schools in the world that offer addiction counseling programs. Among those schools there are many different kinds of addiction counseling programs. Some of the college offers degree or certificate to their candidates in addiction counseling. But the certificates are offered to those students who already have a bachelor's or master's degree in a related field such as nursing, social work, or general counseling. A few schools offer bachelors and master's degrees in addiction counseling. Several offer minors or concentrations in addiction counseling as part of a counseling, psychology, nursing, or social work program. Very few schools have doctoral degrees in addiction counseling alone.

The addiction counseling provides following skills to their students:

  • Clinical Assessment
  • Alcohol education
  • Counseling Services
  • Documentation
  • Substance free housing option
  • Treatment Admission
  • Case Management
  • Ongoing Treatment Planning
  • Discharge and Continuing Care
  • Legal, Ethical, and Professional Growth Issues

The teenager of every state requires a school system for addiction counseling. The school should also be licensed or certified. If they want to work in a school as a substance abuse counselor then they are required to be licensed. The need for licensed school rises for employment purpose of the student because the employment needs a bachelor or master degree in order to be certified. While certification for addiction counseling is mandatory in most situations, the specific requirement for licensing varies between states, cities and even teenagers. Most have set a bachelor's degree as the minimum expectation but many expect those giving addiction and substance abuse counseling to have achieved a master's degree. When you think to be an addiction counselor in school, you may be asked to obtain a teaching certificate in addition to your counseling license.

The knowledge of addiction counseling not only addresses the identified addiction but the co-existing issues related to family, relationships, employment, education, spirituality, physical health, mental health and legal concerns. The teens are given major varieties of helping techniques to meet the needs of the individual client or family member and within the context of a counseling session, the counselor and client develop a desired treatment outcome and strategies for achieving them.

Troubled Teen Programs
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Troubled Teens Programs

Teens Boarding Schools Teens Addiction
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