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  Rapid Detox Alcohol - Save your teens from Drugs and Alcohol !

Detox is the removal of toxic substances from the body like drugs and alcohol. The detoxification is the functions of the liver and kidneys, but can also be achieved artificially by techniques such as dialysis and chelation therapy. In the teenage years, drug and alcohol detoxification takes place as an essential part. The first step of detoxification is too difficult that is recovery from addiction. For that process there is a need of professional medical assistance. The teen will not able to free him from the addiction.

Successful detoxification is essential before long term recovery can begin. Rapid detoxification and rapid opiate detox can be beneficial if the teen is suffering from an addiction to heroin, prescription painkillers, Oxycontin, Methadone, Suboxone, Vicodin, Darvocet, Percocet, Hydrocodone or any other opioid.

Sometimes detox is not a successful for addiction. Then the process of rehabilitation takes place. But for rehabilitation detoxification is the first step. The rapid opiate detox process is generally conducted in a hospital setting and under general anesthesia. The process of detoxification is overseen by certified and qualified anesthesiologists and a nursing staff that specializes in such procedures.

The treatment through rapid detoxification process includes:

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•  Codeine
•  Dilaudid
•  Morphine
•  Percocet
•  Percodan
•  Lortab
•  Oxycontin

Through the process of rapid detoxification we can reduce, minimize, or eliminate all together, the signs and symptoms associated with opiate withdrawal. This decreases the chances of relapse and increases the likely hood of a full recovery. Rapid Detox is not a process for fully control treatment of the teenagers but it is a simple procedure which is designed to help an individual tolerate the withdrawal symptoms from opiates with much greater comfort.

The process of rapid detox takes a time period about four to six hours. At that time the teen is placed under anesthesia. The teen remains under the supervision of doctors during rapid detox process and he is offered a special medication that speeds up the withdrawal process in the body. Because the teen is anesthetized and unconscious, he or she does not experience the withdrawal symptoms that accompany the traditional detox period. Some times rapid detox has had unexpected side affects such as heart attack and death. It is believed that rapid detox prevents addicts from experiencing the full consequences of their addiction, thereby making them more likely to begin using another type of drug or returning to the drug that they were addicted to.

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