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  Heroin Among Teens - Teenagers Problems
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Heroin is an addictive drug which is used by teenagers and youth as a pain releaser. It is most popular drug for abuser and the seller. The heroin is prepared from morphine which is extracted from seeds of certain varieties of poppy plants. Heroin became more popular and is sold among the college campus of some of the USA cities. The teenagers can get it easily and they can take it at some of hiding place of their school. They don't know about the drawback of heroin addiction and many of them don't know about the quantity to be used.

Sometimes many teenagers use its extent quantity due to which they are seriously ill or may be died. Heroin produces many health related issues like short term health issues, long term health issues and other issues.

When heroin is injected, the barrier between blood and brain destroys. When the heroin particle enters in the brain the teenagers feel a pleasurable sensation or a rush. The pleasure is directly proportional to the quantity of heroin taken. Heroin is so popular among the teenagers because it enters in the brain very fast. The last stage of rush produced by heroin creates a warm flushing of the skin, dry mouth, and a feeling of heavy mind due to which the teenagers use to vomiting and itching. Some of the short terms health issues after using heroin are rush, nausea, vomiting, suppression of pain, clouded mental functioning and depression.

The long term health issue from using heroin is heroin addiction. Addiction means regular use of heroin. In this stage the teen try to seek heroin on constant basis and use it daily to molecular changes in the brain. The heroin addictive teenagers are capable of high tolerance and physical dependence. Due to which they are motivated for compulsive use of heroin. Heroin is more costly than any other drugs. This also takes more time in abusing than other drugs. When the teenagers become addictive, their purpose become to seek and abuse it. Some of the long term health issues from heroin are addiction, collapsed veins, HIV, AIDS, infection on heart lining and bacterial infections.

Some of the medical issues through heroin usage are collapsed veins, infection abscesses and soft tissues infections like liver and kidney infection. Lung cancer is a very fatal disease from heroin addiction. Sometimes it becomes a reason for sudden death. Some of the issues are poisoning, hepatitis b and c, skin infection, increase heart beat and lung infection.

Behavioral treatment is useful for prevention of heroin addiction. In this treatment approach residential and outpatient program takes place. There are some new behavioral therapies for the treatment of heroin addiction.

A therapy named c ontingency management therapy is used as a voucher-based system. In this therapy program patients are educated for knowing about the negative drug tests. By this they encourage them for healthful living. These programs are designed to help teenagers to modify their expectations, skills and behavior. They also increase skills for coping with several life stresses.

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